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Severe and ruthless programming of bricks ...

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In this post we will talk about the most entertaining and multifunctional object pixel walker'a - a piece of cobblestone.

At the first stage it was necessary to figure out how one can imagine a stone at all. There were thoughts of making a circle with a variable angle, or sticking a bunch of mini-stones on top of each other.

As a result, I decided to make a frame and then "pour" it:

By the method of semi-scientific poking, the optimal size coefficients were determined for a newly made object. I also did not depart from the general stylistics, and the color of the stones decided to make dark, but the edges themselves can be colored.

After all the manipulations with the figures, the most interesting thing started, the physics of the stones. First you need to teach them to fall!

After that, it was not difficult to teach them, for example, "to fall back":

Or if you make them smaller, they will go down for the snow:

And the nail of the program, the birds of which fall stones!

And of course, it would be very sad if these "stones" could not be piled up.

Thus, the object turned out even more interesting than intended. Already now he creates such parameters that can be calculated for the height of the wall created from it, or, on the contrary, create ditches and pits from them, and then to the "sandbox" is not far away. =)

And for a snack, one "experiment" with a shift of the color scheme to 1 bit:

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